The Heart of Prayer

Photo by Milada Vigerova

There is nothing more effective, earth-moving, and soul-transforming than prayer. I’ll explain.

At its heart, prayer is a divine exchange. One Greek word (the most commonly used in the scriptures) for prayer is – proseuchomai. This compound word is comprised of two distinct words – pros and euxomai.

  • Pros = “exchange”
  • Euxomai = “to wish, pray”

When we put these two words together we get something like this – “exchange of wishes” or “exchanging prayers.” At its core, we can say that prayer is an exchange of prayers or an exchange of wishes.

The Divine Exchange

As Christians, our prayers are far more than a petition list sent into the sky. By understanding the word “prayer” used in the scriptures, we can clearly see that we are being invited into a relational conversation. It is impossible to have an exchange of ideas if there is one person talking – right?

This is the heart of prayer – a divine exchange of heart and ideas while meeting with God.

My Experience

Now, knowing what we know from the scriptures – would we approach prayer differently? I have. When I sit down with Jesus, I am ready and willingly to exchange my ideas for His. I am ready to let go of myself so that I can receive all that He wants to give me. And you know what? His ways are always better.

How about we take our anxieties to Him and exchange them for faith? Why don’t we ask Him for His perspective on a matter that has been puzzling us? Or better yet (my personal favorite), why don’t we release control of our lives and allow Jesus to be the Lord of our everyday moments?

I guarantee it – His kingdom will come, His will is sure to be done, and the earth will begin to look like Heaven.

Let’s pray.



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