Walk by the Spirit: A Basis for Miracles

Photo by Aliata Karbaschi

I am so excited to start a new series on the WordforWorship PodcastWalk by the Spirit.

In this new series, we are going to get practical about sharing our faith with our world through the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We will discuss the different gifts the Spirit gives, how to walk in them, and how they help us display the love of Jesus to our world.

So, in this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we build a biblical basis for the miraculous and answer these main 3 questions:

  • According to the scriptures, are the gifts of the Spirit for today?
  • Did signs and wonders end with the 12 apostles?
  • What role do the gifts of the Spirit play in my everyday life?

My prayer for this series is simple – that we would all go further in our surrender to Jesus and learn how to share His saving love with our world through the Holy Spirit. Give this episode a listen and be encouraged!

Listen to and Download this Episode

To listen to this episode, search WordforWorship in your favorite podcast streaming app, or follow this link:

https://wordforworship.com/2020/06/29/walk-by-the-spirit:-a-basis-for-miracles/(opens in a new tab)

If this has stirred up any questions, please shoot me a comment on Facebook or in the comment section below – I would love to connect with you!

Bless you all!


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