Memorize the Scriptures

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Ever since Jesus grabbed ahold of me, I have had a longing to have His word in my heart. So, I decided that I would memorize books of the bible. No, not to be a “super Christian” or anything dumb like that. I would do it just so that I could know Him more and give my heart and mind something good to chew on.

Well, after a long hiatus from intentional memorization (probably like a couple of years!) I started memorizing the scriptures again. All I can say is WHOA! Besides spending time alone with Jesus, this must be the most spiritually fruitful thing…EVER!

Benefits of Memorizing Scripture

For those of you who have thought about memorizing scripture or are intrigued by the idea, here are some benefits I have received from it:

  1. I am never bored! I am serious, this is a huge benefit! I have found that when I get bored, I turn to entertainment to fulfill my boredom. So, rather than fill my heart and mind with the beauty of Jesus, I get filled with sub-par, mostly distracting stuff…but not anymore!
  2. Jesus and I always have something to talk about! Ever start talking to Jesus and kind of sit and wonder what to talk about? I have found that when I have a scripture rumbling around in my heart, I can just start asking Jesus questions about it. I mean He is the author…boom.
  3. My head and heart are full! This has been huge. Because my head and heart are full of the word of God, I don’t have room for the worlds temptings or “wisdom.” Seriously, the best self-help quotes or whatever that populate a social media page don’t even compare to the life-changing truth of the word. Seriously, it has blown my mind…no comparison.
  4. Finally, Jesus can speak His word through me to my family, friends, and people I talk to during the day. This has been wild. I will be in conversation with a family member, one of my friends, or just talking to someone at the grocery store and suddenly, I will have wisdom to fit the moment. It is like the words I have been memorizing leap of the page of my heart and enter into my conversations. I have only seen encouragement, joy, and faith spring up from these moments…amazing.

Go for It!

So, I know the list above is far from full or comprehensive. However, I hope it is an encouragement to you! Imagine walking around with the voice of God ringing in your ears all day…that would probably change your life. It has certainly changed mine!

Also, if the idea of memorizing scripture seems daunting here are some practical tips to get you started:

  1. Start with a small book or section that you are already familiar with.
  2. Focus on one verse each day.
  3. I have found this memorization tool to be very helpful: read the verse outloud 5 times, then close your eyes and try to say it another 5 times. Then once you feel like you have a hold on it, look around the room or do something you normally do and see if you still have it.
  4. Above everything else – Ask the Holy Spirit to make this more than a great exercise! Ask Him to reveal Jesus to you and implant His word in your heart. Trust me, He will answer that prayer!

Well, I hope some of you will jump into the word in a new way and experience the glory of Jesus with me. Plant His word deep in your heart and see what fruit He will bring forth in your life…it’s amazing!

Bless you all!


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