Foundations: Identity

Foundations are important…ever try to build a house without a foundation? Probably not a good idea, right? Without a foundation, there is nothing for a house to stand upon. No matter how costly the interior finishes might be, the house will eventually fall into ruin.

Did you know the same can be said for you and me in our relationship with Jesus? Seriously. Jesus tells us that a wise person builds their house (life) upon the truth of His words. Whoever builds their life upon His words will never be shaken, come storm or pandemic.

Well, in this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we look at a foundational element of the Christian life: identity. In order for us to walk in the freedom and power that Jesus promised, we must know what He has done for us and who He has made us to be!

In this episode we will look at a couple of things:

  • The power and truth of the Word of God
  • What do the scriptures say about identity
  • Common hangups or stumbling blocks
  • 2 practical things you can do this week to grow in your new identity!

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Bless you all!



  • I loved this so much! It felt like an encouraging conversation. Thank you for sharing this! I definitely needed to hear this 🙂

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