Jesus, Our Freedom

Let’s get right to it: Jesus has come to set the captive free. He freely offered His life (John 10) for His sheep so that they might walk in His freedom, forever.

The Truth

Here is the question: are you free? Are you free from self-centeredness, self-reliance, and self-powered living? Know this, no one will experience the freedom of the Father if they are counting on their good deeds or good behavior to “earn” their place in Jesus. Our freedom was purchased by the blood of Jesus and only His blood can wipe the stain of sin and the self-life away.

Here is some great news: Jesus has become our righteousness. Righteousness is a right standing with God. Said a different way, Jesus has paid the ransom note to rescue us from the domain of darkness (Colossians 1:13) and has wiped every sin off of our account (Colossians 2:13-14). We have to do one thing to be set free: trust that the payment Jesus offered (His own blood) was sufficient to break the curse of sin both now, and forever. Believe in Him.

See how simple this is: Jesus loves us so much that He gave Himself to usher us into His freedom. We no longer have to strive, self-govern, or self-motivate to try and become holy! Jesus Himself, paid the price and is setting captives free. All we have to do is respond to the free gift being handed to us.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to live every moment of your life in freedom – true soul-freedom? Never looking over your shoulder, never wondering if you had “done enough” to earn the love and favor of God? I am here to tell you the truth: that freedom is yours in Jesus. He has paved the way, He has done the work, and He is ready to wash, cleanse, and hold every person that would put their faith in Him.

Forget your efforts, they are burdens you cannot bear. Forget the striving to earn His favor, He is holy and completely “unreachable” by human efforts. Receive the freedom of the glory of God and watch your burdens fall away. Receive the unmerited favor of God by putting your entire trust in Jesus and in His blood.

Jesus, our freedom is setting captives free – are you free?

Bless you!


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