Bring Chayse Home!

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!

When I think about Christmas, I think of the King of all creation leaping off His throne to embark on His grand rescue mission. Think of it, the God of all creation leaving His heavenly throne to become just like you and me…He wanted us back and He gave everything to accomplish His will. Oh the unsearchable depths of the love and wisdom of God!

A Special Call

In this post, I want to present a special opportunity to you. My in-laws are adopting a sweet little boy from China, Chayse. They are currently in the fundraising process and are so very excited to bring Chayse home!

If you have adopted or know of someone who has, you know how expensive this act of love is. If you are so moved by the Holy Spirit, I have provided a link below for you to help us bring Chayse home.

To help us bring Chayse home, follow this link, get a T-shirt, spread the word, and love on Chayse!:

Thank you for your love and support, bless you!!


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