A New Perspective Pt. 1

Jesus is amazing!

Did you know that at every moment of the day, Jesus sees you and your divine destiny and calling? Seriously. He doesn’t see you as a failure or someone He regrets creating. He sees you for who He has made you to be…no matter the circumstance you are currently in!

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we investigate this “New Perspective” and see how it can change our lives and the lives of the people around us. I know you will be encouraged!

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Bless you!



  • Taylor this hit home for me today. I’ve had a soft spot for people who struggle with just surviving….they have children, jobs off and on, broken family, episodes in their lives that keep them in a hole….no stability for the children. I do what I can to help. I insert myself into their needs. And then the moment comes when I realize they aren’t trying to help themselves….all kinds of emotions stir in my heart….anger frustration….sadness for the helpless children, and the worst is the realization that I’ve been an enabler. How does this happen? I didn’t see with Jesus ‘ eyes. I see physical, earthly needs and fail to see the Spiritual need first. So I become drawn in to their deceitful game. I get so busy with trying to help and never seem to break free from the web I fall into that I lose sight of God’s purpose in bringing them into the Kingdom. I’m praying for God to teach me how to look past their intentions to take all they can til the well is dry and show me how to turn the table and present Jesus up front and let His light shine so brightly that the evil intentions they practice fail and the enemy is aware he has met his match and flees…..opening the door to victory in all of us…..thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to speak truth to so many of us as we walk our journey with Christ…love you Taylor!!!

    • Hey, Cheryl! Love you.

      I’m praying for you, too. I know Jesus will give you His perspective in each of these situations. He is a good shepherd ;).

      Keep shining!! Host His presence wherever you go!

      Love you!

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