The King and His Kingdom: The Authority of the Word of God

All authority in heaven AND on earth belongs to King Jesus!

In this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast, we dive into a dramatic story in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus, exercising his full authority, reveals to us the fullness of power contained within His word.

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Be encouraged, see the power of God in His word toward you who believe, and live a life abiding in the power and presence of Jesus! 



  • Taylor what an awesome study on this scripture….. I have served on the Grand Jury this month and was so stunned at the the presence of evil in my city and how lost so many lives are all around me… I fail to purpose in my Christian heart to pray and prepare and seek God’s daily will as to where I can bring the Kingdom of God to those who are living in the domain of evil….right here where I live…..I traveled to Thailand 2 years ago and was amazed at the darkness there and made it my goal to get up every morning praying for God’s guidance as I walked down the street in the very midst of evil…He gave me everything I needed to stand boldly before the presence of evil in the heart of a woman living in darkness….He revealed opportunities to share over a cup of coffee Jesus ‘ love for a Buddhist who was lonely and hopeless….but I don’t have to fly 23 hours to find those opportunities….I can do that by walking downtown in my city and sharing God’s love….I can go out to eat and take what’s left of my meal and box it up to share with a homeless individual on the street….seeking God’s direction through prayer as to where I should find that person…..He didn’t say stay in your comfort zone and pray for others to win the lost for Christ. He said “Go” to all of us taking the Spirit of Jesus living in me into my part of the world and change the dynamic of this evil and dark domain into a place filled with the love and goodness of God lighting up the corners of hiding with the glorious light of the SON, Jesus Christ! HALELUJAH praise the name of Jesus! Thank you my God for using my friend Taylor to remind me! I love you Taylor…

    • So good, Cheryl. I absolutely love reading your comments – they are always encouraging to me. And I couldn’t agree more, I want to take the love of Jesus into every situation – good or bad – and watch Him, as you say, “light up” every dark corner.

      So good! Thanks again for your comments, I love ’em!


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