Testimonies #1

I am sooo excited to introduce the newest facet of the WordforWorship Podcast – Testimonies!

In these special episodes (released once a month), I will share what I have seen Jesus do in my life. My goal is to be as candid as possible in the hopes that you will be encouraged to share what you have seen Jesus do in your life!

In Hebrews we are instructed to “stimulate one another to love and good deeds…” (Heb. 10:25.) These special episodes are made for this exact reason! So, I want to encourage you, in the comment section below, share what you have seen Jesus do in your life! Remember, your experience with Jesus could be the encouragement someone else needs to really step out with Jesus.

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All to Jesus!



  • I just love this. Looking forward to the next episode…
    Love you,

  • I’m looking forward to reading the testimonies because I believe sharing our stories of God’s hand on our lives are strong tools for discipling and encouraging others as they journey with God…thank you Lord for guiding Taylor in this and for using this ministry to bless so many !!! We love you and praise you for all that is happening through this Podcast. I praise you also for the precious heart you’ve given to Taylor. Bless him and his family as they reach out to others letting your light shine……I love you Taylor!

  • Not exactly sure where I was suppose to go and post a testimony but I have one from last week… I have just started a new job…It’s been very frustrating. So frustrating that I have had self doubt and questioned if the Lord really wanted me to be there. I texted Tay one day last week and asked him to pray with me…I realize now I was wanting him to pray with me because I felt unworthy of asking for help…I know my relationship with the Lord is not in the place it needs to be..How can I ask for help from someone that I am so unworthy of speaking to?!! This really got me to thinking…And I now know He wants us to call on His name no matter where our walk is with Him. He wants us to depend on Him because He loves us so much…We are His child…He gave everything including His life for this to be possible.. Since Wednesday after praying with Tay,I have been in constant conversation with our Lord…I am worthy…We are all worthy…Now back to my job…Since that morning I have had nothing but peace. Things I didn’t understand became instantly clear. I’m actually enjoying myself…As I was leaving a co worker (who is very stressed and full of anxiety about our job) commented about how I had such a positive and cheerful spirit since Wednesday..and wished she could be more like me…That little voice spoke in my heart and said…SHARE!! I shared what I had been going through and what I have been doing and will continue to do. I asked her if it would be okay to pray with her right then and there for her to have peace…She agreed but a little hesitant…We prayed and I wished her a happy and relaxing 3 day weekend…I received a text this morning saying what she thought was going to take hours to finish only took 30min..That it felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders..She asked if we could start our work day everyday in prayer with each other!! 😍 I’m not where I want to be with the Lord but I’m one step closer then I was yesterday…

    Love you,

    • I love it. So cool that you got to pray with her, mom! It is amazing how the Spirit brings liberty and lifts the oppression of the enemy…all with a simple act of love and faith. So good!

      Thanks for sharing, mom!
      Love you!

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