Divine Purpose

Did you know we were born to reign with Christ and to bring forth His blessing upon the earth? As we abide in Christ, our world is blessed with the presence of God! Let me encourage you – Jesus has divine purpose for you to walk in!

Check out this episode of the WordforWorship Podcast and see the divine purpose God has for your life.

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All to Jesus!



  • Taylor I was so grateful for this word today… I have experienced God’s heart in a way I never thought I would these last 2 years…. I have seen His hand move obstacles that I never knew were there and barriers that needed to come down. I can truly sing the words of the old song “Since I started for the Kingdom, since my life He controls…since I gave my heart to Jesus, the longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows.” Thank you Taylor for being obedient by sharing God’s word….love you bunches!

    • So good to hear from you, Cheryl. I am glad you are enjoying the podcast. Yes, Jesus is so faithful to us! Ah, just to experience Him! I always love your comments :).

      Love you, Cheryl!

  • Taylor, my heart overflows with these powerful words! Thank you for sharing!

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