Free at Last

What if I told you, “you don’t have to live in sin anymore…ever again.” Would you believe me?

Did you know that the early Christians didn’t live lives of sin? Seriously. They lived such radical, gospel-transformed, Spirit-filled lives, that they took over the known world with the gospel in about 70 years…

In today’s episode from the WordforWorship Podcast, we hear from the Apostle John and what he has to say about sin. Let me encourage you…you can have victory over sin, you can enjoy unbroken communion with your Father…Jesus has made the way.

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Forever Free,


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  • Flip the light switch and darkness “completely” leaves the room
    That point, that truth, that reality- brings comfort for the seeker of Christ-the Light of the World- the Light of MY world! Staying in His presence – we truly DON’T have to walk in darkness – we DON’T have to live defeated! Thanks for sharing these truths, Taylor!

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